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Monthly review: year-end approaching needle focus prices

Large  Small Date:2022-01-05
      ICC : in November, the needle coke market overall performance consolidation, mainstream coke factory inventory without pressure, good shipment. As of the end of the month, domestic coal series needle coke 9500-10000 yuan/ton, oil series needle coke 10500-12000 yuan/ton, joint coke price 14000 yuan/ton, raw coke price 6500-7500 yuan/ton; In terms of import price, coal series needle coke from Japan $1500-1600; From South Korea 1350-1400 USD, oil needle coke from  UK 1600-2000 USD/ton; From Japan 2500-2800 USD/ton, the price of anode coke is 1000-1300 USD/ton. In the end market, as steel prices continue to fall, the loss area of electric furnace steel mills is further expanded, and some manufacturers in southwest, northwest and east China have increased their efforts to limit production, while a few electric furnace manufacturers in Henan, Guizhou and Shandong have resumed production after early maintenance. According to xinfern Information statistics, as of December 30, 2021, the utilization rate of electric furnace steel capacity of 135 steel mills in China was 56.07%, down 2.3% from last week. Among them, 92 independent electric furnace steel capacity utilization rate of 50.98%, 3.21% lower than last week. This month the battery market is relatively stable, the head of the enterprise capacity continues to climb, power battery upstream raw material prices continue to climb, stable upstream raw material supply has become a power battery factory. It is expected that the output of domestic anode materials will reach about 750,000 tons in 2021 and exceed 2 million tons in 2025. In the next five years, the market of lithium anode materials will continue to see rapid growth. In general, the short-term supply and demand of needle coke turn weak, cost and low inventory support, the probability of needle coke price reduction is not big, most enterprises maintain the current price as the main adjustment.
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